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Photo Cred: Michael Wada, Kylie Hope, Brianna Nichole

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The oldest and most powerful of all the Monsters and Ghosts that haunt the Queen Mary is a mysterious entity named "Evil" A shapeshifter Evil can morph into any other being or thing he pleased. Generally based on his target's very worst fears and nightmares. His favorite disguise is that of a colorful and wisecracking circus clown. Evil mostly preferred to prey upon innocent human children because they are easier to manipulate and scare. According to Evil, frightened flesh tastes better. Evil was cursed and exiled from his home by a powerful witch. Where she caught him shapeshifting and preying on innocent children. He picked up his small team of chaotic sliders and left there ghost town where they were drawn by the presents of the Queen Mary.


After arriving they easily took over wreaking havoc on the ship and all its guests. Evil and his Sliders only allowed a few of the spirts to stay and haunt with them, disposing of and destroying any and all that tried to challenge them, Until he met the Ringmaster. the Ringmaster struck a deal with Evil to allow The Ringmaster, The Captain and a few others to haunt The Queen Mary if they gave him a new Slider team. Evil granted the Ringmasters request and took ownership of this new team. Evil would build this team to be one of the best in Southern California. With that Evil took his nightmarish of a Slider team and let them loose to raise all hell and to haunt all guests that would step on the grounds of The Queen Mary. So be careful cuz Evil lurks in all areas and can shape-shift into your worst nightmare