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Photo Cred: Michael Wada, Kylie Hope, Brianna Nichole

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Creep started his circus career as a animal caretaker and worked his way up to taming the lions and tigers in the main ring. Howeverhis fame and fortune did not last as, one night, his precious big cats made their escape, mauling Creep in the process. This betrayal of trust between him and his beloved cats,caused him to wander the earth in undead form. Soon he was sent to join the Ringmaster's Circus at Dark Harbor to stalk and tame the souls of the unsuspecting guests with Evil and his clowns. Unfortunately, Creep was unable to capture and tame enough souls to keep the Ringmaster happy, and was "demoted. as Creep sees it)to a clown like the rest. He's on a mission to restore his "former glory" as a Tamer once again. Creep also has pet roaches that he carries with him at all time and performs tricks" with.